Live edge boards available for custom order.

Custom live edge boards for your shelf.

100% Recycled

What we do

Valley Mill and Board is a small Peoria county business that began from the realization that much of the wood debris from local tree services is being used as fire wood or disposed of in unproductive ways. As we looked into the options available for processing these logs from residential yards, we found that most commercial mills will not consider cutting logs that have any potential for nails and hardware that may be buried in them from the past. These foreign items damage the mill’s blade and can be pricey to replace. By purchasing our own band saw mill, we take that risk for the benefit of harvesting much wood from the urban forest (residential yards) and offer it to those who would like to use it in their projects. Some tree trunks are tall and straight enough to be milled into boards for furniture, mantels, posts and more, while other trunks are short and wide what we can use for round table tops and such. Obviously, some wood and branches are only useful for the wood chip pile, but even then, they can be used more effectively as good mulch for landscape dressing.

About Our Products

Valley mill and board currently has a quantity of hard wood boards on hand. While some logs allow boards to showcase a straight flawless grain, others have the added character of knots and imperfections that come from their growing environment. We will strive to supply the kind of boards you like as we get feedback from you. On the creative side, wood rounds, also known as cookies, can be supplied in various sizes and thicknesses. Cookies often dry from the outside in, making them crack to the center if it is from a live tree when it is cut. This crack is not a common weakness but can change the anticipated use for them. When a cookie is taken from a tree that is dead before it is removed, this cracking is reduced and may not happen at all. Again, this wood is limited to our creativity, knowledge, and expectation of the end product, so let us know what your preferences are.

Custom Cutting

As we use our creativity, we realize that there are more options from other brilliant minds, so we are able to custom cut much of the logs to your desire. Live edge mantels, large dimensional lumber, table slabs, and any wood not so common in woodworking may be custom cut for our customers. All wood should dry before it is used, so if it is air dried and stored in a ventilated area, it normally takes a year per inch of thickness for nature to dry it. We are building a drying kiln to make the drying smoother and quicker in due time.


Because we are recycling our urban forest, our availability is subject to the trees that are removed by our tree service affiliates. Hard woods are easier to dry due to the sap in the evergreen trees, so they make up most of what we have on hand. Our wood selection is based on the available logs we get from some local tree services. 

Finished Items

We have made several items in the past including wood round coffee tables, fire place mantels, 2 layered end tables, saucers for table decoration, and candle holders as pictured above. Look at our gallery of past projects for items that you would like to purchase from us, or sent us pictures and dimensions of items you would like us to build.

At Your House

If you are near by and have a log to be milled, we or our affiliates can help you get started with your project by milling it on site.

Contact us via email at [email protected] or call/text 309-370-1217

Thanks for considering us and the potential of recycling earth’s resources!
Sincerely, Bob