Live Edge Furniture – Versatile

Whether you are looking to furnish a log cabin, a modern condo, or a country home, there is one common furniture we might all find ourselves drawn to. That’s of course, live edge furniture, and the reason we are all drawn to live edge is because of its versatility. Live edge is so dynamic, and because of its character, it fits easily in almost any design setting.

Why We Love Live Edge Furniture

Why We Love Live Edge Furniture We love that live edge furniture allows wood the ability to be used, with all its flaws and imperfections. In a way, each piece of furniture tells a story and becomes a unique piece of art. Behind every awesome wood furniture piece once stood a tree that had a story. Maybe it was a shelter in a storm, or a shady place of solitude, or the arm of the strength of a child’s swing. It’s neat to be able to leave room for that in each piece. Many times that character can be lost when you remove the “waste” edge.

Live edge furniture is also a great way to add a bit of style to a boring room, without spending a fortune to remodel. Making a live edge piece the centerpiece or focal point of a room adds character in an instant. It’s hard to walk past these pieces without admiring the artistic quality of the flaws in the wood. If you are looking to add a new wood furniture piece to your space you may want to consider shopping local. Some providers may have a variety of styles to choose from, and others may provide custom one of a kind and authentic pieces. Valley Mill Board is a local mill working hard to create one of a kind live edge furniture pieces that you will be proud to display in your space. If you have been looking into new furniture, please contact us today!

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