Log Furniture DIY

Log Furniture – DIY

Log furniture is so unique and loved by so many. With so many different styles and wood types, the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of “Do It Yourselfers” who are itching to work on their next project. Log furniture has become increasingly popular in modern and rustic spaces alike, and many people love to make it with their own two hands. If you are one of those DIY kind of people, where do you find your material? When you take a stroll through your local hardware store, you don’t normally find raw logs. In fact, you will most likely find the same cuts out of the same kinds of wood at every store. Boards with little character, and far from rustic. So, where do you go?

Finding a provider for Log Furniture

For your next DIY log furniture adventure, you may want to consider finding a responsible log dealer. In your search, you will want to find a dealer who is responsible for their harvesting and one who shares the same love for rustic and raw wood as you do. How do you know if they are responsible? Ask them. You can ask them where their wood comes from, and how it was sourced.

Your choice matters

After consulting with tree service/removal companies Bob Baer, the owner of Valley Mill and Board realized that most of the wood from the trees they remove was going to a burn pile or being left to decay. So bob decided that instead of buying purpose cut lumber that he would pair with these several tree service companies to recycle their cut wood. This saves it from the burn pile and gives Bob the chance to use it to create beautiful furniture or offer it to customers for their next DIY Log Furniture project. If you have found yourself in need of raw edge or rustic wood for your DIY project, Valley Mill Board most likely has what you need, or can get it for you. Contact us today!

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