Wood Furniture – Is It Right For You?

When people are in the market for new furniture, they sometimes are tempted to fall back on what they already know, regardless of quality. They might not even think of custom wood furniture as an option

If this sounds like you, you should know that there is another option outside of the products sold in the big furniture chains. Custom wood furniture will not only upgrade your home, but it will stick with you longer.

Custom Wood Furniture Vs. Store-Bought


When you purchase store-bought furniture, the quality is lacking. These pieces are churned out quickly and costs are often cut when it comes to materials. There is no craftsmanship. They have to be made quickly by machines to keep up with demand.

Custom wood furniture is individually labored over by craftsman. They have an intimate relationship with the piece and can identify when an issue comes up in the process and fix it. The materials are of high quality, so you won’t be replacing them every five minutes.

Unique Heirloom Pieces

If you are looking for pieces you can share with your loved ones, hiring a craftsman to create your furniture is the only way to go. You can pass these down to your children. Enjoy the compliments you will receive on this unique piece that no one else has.


People sometimes equate custom pieces with high expenses. The best part of working with a craftsman is that you can negotiate with them to find something that works inside your budget.

When you buy a store-bought piece, the price is fixed and you will end up replacing it in a few years or less. Custom wood furniture is designed for you, so you choose your budget and what the end product will be.

Buying furniture can be a hassle; you want to make sure it fits in your space and will hold up well. When you buy custom wood furniture, you are involved in the designing process and your final product is intended to last for many years.

Valley Mill & Board sustainably source wood that was headed for a landfill to create wood pieces for your home. Every single item is custom made and unique. When you pick an item from Valley Mill & Board, you are supporting sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship. Contact Us Today!

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