Why Rustic Wood Furniture Is Everywhere

There is no denying it. Rustic wood furniture is all over the place. Open up your favorite home improvement magazine and you will see it splashed across almost every glossy page.

There has to be a reason for its broad popularity. Wood is a beautiful material to work with, but does it matter if it rustic?

First, let’s understand what this means. When something is considered rustic wood furniture, it means the wood is older and has been reclaimed.

This is wood that has been cut down for another purpose and is either surplus or no longer being used. Instead of cutting another tree down, someone can use this reclaimed wood to create the furniture piece.

Here are the reasons why it has made an appearance in nearly every home décor style.

The Benefits of Rustic Wood Furniture The Benefits of Rustic Wood Furniture

1) Eco-friendly

As the world becomes more aware of humanity’s impact on the planet, they are looking for ways to shrink their carbon footprint. By purchasing an item that repurposes wood already on hand, fewer trees need to be cut down. Considering the part they play in capturing carbon emissions, this is a good way to reduce harm.

2) Strength

Older trees are stronger than newer ones. When a new tree is cut down, it is not as strong and durable as this older rustic wood is. That means your rustic wood furniture will last you longer than something made with virgin wood.

3) Aesthetics

The biggest consideration people have when buying furniture is how it looks. Rustic wood furniture pieces never really go out of style and they can be used in almost any setting. You won’t have to revamp your entire space to incorporate a new piece.

Choosing new pieces for your home is a labor of love. By picking rustic wood furniture, you can have an item that you feel good about and will impress your guests for many years.

Valley Mill & Board sustainably source wood that was headed for a landfill to create wood pieces for your home. Every single item is custom made and unique. When you pick an item from Valley Mill & Board, you are supporting sustainability and artisanal craftsmanship. Contact Us Today!

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