Wood Availability

Some of our more available woods are ash and red oak, however, we can have hickory, white oak, sycamore, yellow poplar, maple, walnut and cherry at random times. Please check with us for what we have currently. In storage now, we have rough cut 1″ or 4/4″ red oak, white oak, and hickory from 8-10′ long in several widths.


We are able to meet your needs with the availability of custom milling. Just reach out to us with your desired specifications and quantity and we will reply with availability and pricing.


We have multiple wood types such as Red & White Oak with over 1000 board feet in stock. Other, harder to find wood types such as walnut, we have in limited supply. Please reach out with your need.


Here is a “Live Edge” board we milled that was installed in a customer’s home. Depending on wood supplies, we will have pieces pre-cut. But if your need is unique, we are happy to accommodate.